At Bode corporation we believe that the door makes a very important statement of the bus as a whole. There are various factors involved in that thought.
One is that each passenger will come in touch and sight with the door, which will give him an expectation for the whole bus he/she is entering.
Secondly the operational speed of the door determines time efficiency of the bus to get from one stop to another.  Third the sealing provides energy savings in form of climate control, which in the long run will lower fuel consumption of the whole fleet by far, as well as the obvious road noise reduction and the resulting stress reduction of passengers and the driver.
And then the most obvious, quality of a good door improves the overall look of the bus and keeps maintenance costs down.


  • Powerful doors that utilize compressed air in order to move the doors
  • Long lasting systems
  • Powerful closure and sealing
  • Recommended for busses such as transit coaches or motor homes that do have a chassie equipped with an air compressor by the manufacturer

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