Push Out Door

The Bode Push out Door is available in an Electric, Pneumatic and or manual version.

The Electric-Push-Out-Door for Shuttle Buses is driven by a single operator.The header drive door system includes an electronic control unit that makes it possible to position a complete opened and closed position of the panels and that detects obstructions.

The drive plate consists of a right angle drive gear motor that is acting on a central bell crank. The bell crank is connected to the panel drive arms through tie rods. The trailing tie rod is spring loaded to automatically control door panel sequencing. The motor is protected against thermal overload. Reverse driving of the system through the door panels is prevented because of the worm gear drive. All drive components, the control unit, and the emergency release lever are pre-mounted on the drive plate simplifying installation.

The electronic door-control-unit eliminates the need for limit switches, to determine door panel positioning and also provides an obstruction-detection-stop-function in the opening and the closing direction. The closing force is adjustable and the control unit automatically compensates door drive component and seal wear to fully close the door panels tightly against the seals.

Activation of the emergency release disengages the worm gear train form the bell crank drive gear allowing the door panels to be opened by hand. The door panels are mounted on self-lubricating upper and lower plain bearings. The weight of the panels is supported by the lower pivot.

The leading tie rod is solid and setting its final length is usually the only drive adjustment required during installation.  The door panels are made of anodized aluminum extrusion, machined to interlock and therefore to create a seamless outer finish.





Manual Push Out Door



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