Single Panel Plug Door

The Single Panel Plug Door Systems from Bode Northamerica for Tour- and Transit Buses are Automatic Door Systems, which provide the sleek flush fit required in today’s advanced buses. The contour matching feature of Bode Lift-Lock System assures a solid, tight fitting.

The double perimeter seal virtually eliminates wind noise at high speeds. The minimal waste of interior space for the drive components and the ease of installation contribute measurably to the overall efficiency of the bus.

The Single Panel Plug Door is ideally suited for the Entrance and Exit doors on Tour Buses and as the Front Door on Park-n-Ride Transit Buses.

Bode Northamerica offers a unique “Soft-Bottom” on Front Doors, used for buses that circulate in areas where curbs are frequently of varying heights. The Soft Bottom is more forgiving of scrapes and is easily and economically replaced if needed.

The Door Panels are constructed of an all welded aluminum extrusion frame covered by aluminum skin. The panels can be flat or contoured to fit the bus sidewall.

The panels can be constructed to accept windows with square or rounded corners or with nontraditional shapes, tapered and bent to fit the design of the bus. The windows can be clamped in, glued in or gasketed.

Bode Northamerica custom designs and manufactures to your exact specifications with minimal lead times.





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