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For the past 40 years the name Bode has gained global recognition for custom-built door systems. Bode North America, Inc started production in 1981 with a productive area of 25000 square feet, we expanded in 1985 and today our offices and manufacturing are operated from a 50,000 square foot facility, with potential for expansion.

The employees of Bode North America, Inc.  take responsibility for what they do for our clients, and we all face the daily challenges with eager enthusiasm. Content customers are our priority as a company as well as a team. This is our obligation today and in the future. From experience we know that optimal results can only be achieved by partnership based on common ground and interest, as well as straightforward communication with the customer.

Our recent change in administration enables us to re-evaluate old routines and offers us the challenge for improvement on a daily basis. These changes result in a broader and deeper insight into customer service and brings us closer to the customer and his needs.
We assure the success of our enterprise with the enthusiasm for and our pride in our product. Our enthusiasm is fueled by satisfied customers and their resulting positive feedback as well as by the challenges presented by today’s business world and competition. Our team is characterized by creativity, quality consciousness, flexibility and self-determination.



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